Roofing Shingles – Are They All The Same?

Shingles come in make shapes and sizes. If you’re planning on installing roof shingles then look no further; today, we have you covered. Shingles are an essential part of any roof, they repel moisture, extend the life of the roof, and help prevent damage from other elements such as the sun, rain, and snow. Believe it or not, shingles also prevent some species of birds from tearing up your roof, which can lead to costly repairs and extensive damages.

When Is It Time For New Shingles?

You may be wondering how to tell if you need need new shingles. This is a common question, since you can’t exactly climb up on the roof and inspect them yourself without risking injury. The first thing I tell people to look for is any water damage on the top floor ceilings or attic of their house. Remember, if you have an attic above your top floor you will need to inspect there, since it will be directly below your roof itself.

The best time to check for leaks is during or shortly after a rainstorm. This is when mother nature is at it’s worst, and when you’re most likely to have visible leaks or damages to the roof. As always, take care during thunder or lightning storms as you may not want to be in your attic or near the roof at this time.

If you do find a leak, follow its source and figure out where the water is entering. This information will be incredibly useful when determining how, when, and who should replace your shingles.

Other Signs of Damage

Besides leaks, there are some visible warning signs to look out for. If you look at your roof and notice that shingles are torn off, missing, or look otherwise damaged, it’s a good time to have an inspector come out and take a look to assess the damage.

Another thing to be aware of is vegetation growing on the roof. This generally only happens in certain parts of the country, but is a real danger to the integrity of your roof. Vegetation can weaken and uproot shingles, slowly destroying your roof.

Do It Yourself Or Hire a Contractor?

Lots of people wonder if they should attempt to repair their roof themselves or hire a company to do it for them. Roofing is generally a more dangerous job than other DIY projects, because you are elevated quite high in the air.

The answer to this question is not black and white, but depends on quite a few different factors.

Some of these factors include:

  • Your insurance policy
  • Your confidence, athletic ability, and craftsmanship
  • The extent of damage to your roof
  • Your overall plan for the roof


Hopefully this article will help you to decide what’s best for your own roof. As always, be safe and don’t attempt anything dangerous on your own. Thanks for reading!