Construction Projects – Why Do They Take So Long?

Construction projects can certainly feel like they take forever. This is especially true when you look at any major city and their roadway systems. It often seems as if these projects drag on for years and years, without any real progress.

You may be surprised to know that there are many behind the scenes actions that are causing these projects to take so long.

The first major thing that causes these projects to take so long is the budget. When construction contracting companies bid on projects they often have to lower the budget to the absolute minimum in order to win. This leads to understaffed projects, equating to more time taken in order to finish the project.

Some contracts will even bid lower than they can complete the work for, and then purposely slow things down and request more money in order to keep the project afloat. This is another major reason why projects take so long.

The final reason is that sometimes the quality of staff and works is just not great. I’m sure you’ve driven by 15 construction workers and noticed 14 of them are talking while one is working. This is often the case and makes projects take infinitely long than they should.